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I provide compassionate, client-centered psychotherapy for Individuals (age 15 and up), Couples and Groups in my San Francisco office.

Therapy sessions are typically 50-75 minutes once per week for Individuals and 75-90 minutes once per week for Couples or Groups.

If you are unable to make it to the office, phone or video sessions are available anywhere in California. Video sessions are conducted through a secure online platform (similar to Skype). Please note that phone or online sessions may not be an option for some individuals or couples.

During our work together, I can support you to:

Sources of suffering can stem from a variety of interconnected issues and the healing process can be complex. Contact me to see if I could support you on your unique journey towards expansion and healing.



Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP)

The term “Highly Sensitive Person”, was coined by Dr. Elaine Aron to describe people who process sensory data more deeply, feel intensely and notice small details that others may miss.

You may be a Highly Sensitive Person if any of the following statements apply to you:

  • Feel differently from others or have been told you are “too sensitive”.
  • Are easily overstimulated or overwhelmed by noise, light, crowds, deadlines, etc.
  • Experience positive and negative emotions intensely.
  • Transitions and sudden changes to routine can be upsetting or stressful.
  • You are hyper-aware of your impact on others.

Allow me to help you manage the difficulties of being highly sensitive and discover the many gifts of this trait. Together we can learn ways to manage stimulation through self-soothing techniques, create strategies for self-care, and process emotions and the impact of their intensity.

Healing & Personal Growth

Often we lack the level of care, connection and understanding we need as children or as adults in intimate relationships. As a result, we can feel as if something is missing or we aren’t where we want to be.

Do you struggle with any of the following?

  • You put the needs of others first or feel guilty for taking care of yourself.
  • As a child, you felt misunderstood or did not have your needs met by caregivers.
  • Your childhood home was dysfunctional, chaotic or traumatic due to addiction, abuse, or absence of caregivers.
  • It is difficult to manage or understand your emotions.
  • You struggle with intimate relationships.
  • You are really hard on yourself or have low self-esteem.
  • You have an insatiable need for approval and love.

If you experience any or all of the struggles above, you aren’t alone. I understand how challenging it can be to not feel at peace within yourself or relationships. Without a proper model, it can be difficult to establish healthy patterns in relationships and learn to take care of ourselves. I would be honored to support you in learning to express your needs and begin to speak to yourself in a more compassionate way.

Let’s work together to uncover and ease your suffering.


Being in relationship with another can be difficult and often brings up our biggest insecurities and fears of loss.

Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

  • You feel disconnected from your partner or yourself while in relationship.
  • The same fight keeps happening over and over.
  • You find yourself attracted to the same types of partners.
  • The more you need your partner, the more they pull away.
  • You feel smothered by your partner.

Whether you want to work alone or alongside your significant other, I can help you explore the feelings behind the conflict, learn to navigate conflict more skillfully, communicate more effectively and feel closer to one another.

I welcome individuals and couples of all sexual orientations and identities.


Groups can be a helpful alternative or addition to individual therapy, as a way to gain support in community and learn coping skills. Groups typically consist of about 4-6 people and meet once per week for 90 minutes.

At this time, I offer the following groups:

Sensitive Circles Offered Monthly
Whether you are just discovering your Highly Sensitive nature or have known for some time, this group will provide an opportunity to help you understand and embrace your temperament. Each month a different theme such as self-compassion or stress management will be explored through the use of mindfulness tools, personal reflection and open dialogue. You choose what group sessions you want to attend based on your availability and interest in the theme for that month.

In a world where being sensitive is seen as a weakness, allow this group to provide a safe haven to be yourself, discover your Sensitive Strengths and connect with others who feel the world as deeply as you.

Due to limited space, RSVP and advanced payment is required to attend. For more information, email

Sensitive Singles Support Group Starting in Fall 2017
This 12-week group is for Single Introverts and Highly Sensitive People who long for deep emotional connections but struggle to find satisfying relationships in a hookup culture. In addition to building community, we will:

  • Explore relationship goals.
  • Strengthen communication skills.
  • Look at ways to prioritize self-care and set boundaries while dating.
  • Reflect on family history and what messages have been carried into your relationships.
  • And more.

Due to limited space, RSVP and advanced payment is required to attend. For more information, email

Highly Sensitive Person: Self-Exploration Group Starting in Fall 2017
In this 8-week Group, you will gain support from a small community of other Highly Sensitive people while you explore different facets of your experience as an HSP. Themes include relationships, work, family, personal strengths, self-care, coping skills and more.

Come experience the joy of being surrounded by others who feel as deeply as you and understand the struggles of being highly sensitive in an overstimulating world.

Due to limited space, RSVP and advanced payment is required to attend. For more information, email

Navigating Emotional Overwhelm Starting in Fall 2017
Do you feel chronically exhausted, anxious and stressed out? Are you unsure how to manage the busyness of your life?

In this 4-week workshop series, you will learn practical tools such as mindfulness techniques, lifestyle adjustments and self-care strategies to help reduce stress and cope with emotional overwhelm.

Due to limited space, RSVP and advanced payment is required to attend. For more information, email

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