Therapy for Sensitive and Introverted Teens

Sensitive Shy Introvert Teen Therapy San Francisco

Your sensitive, thoughtful and inquisitive child has grown into a teenager and your heart breaks to witness them struggling with anxiety, sleep issues, self-doubt or moodiness. You want to see your teenager thrive, but you feel stuck and helpless.

The pressures of being a teenager are difficult, but especially for Highly Sensitive and/or Introverted kids who are easily overwhelmed, feel deeply, need more alone time and put pressure on themselves to be perfect. They often struggle with…

Social Anxiety and Feeling Misunderstood

As a teenager there’s a lot of pressure to fit in and find your social group. Sensitive and Introverted teens have different social needs than the majority of their peers and may feel socially isolated or low self-esteem as a result. Encourage your teen to focus more on quality over quantity to meet their needs for connection:

  • build a few close friendships

  • prioritize one-on-one interactions

  • limit overstimulating group events

Sensitive Introvert Anxiety Teen Therapy San Francisco

Anxious Thoughts and Difficulty Sleeping

If your teen tends to be very perceptive, a deep thinker and/or very empathetic, they are picking up on subtleties in their environment which leads to overstimulation. When we’re overstimulated, we feel anxious and our minds race. Help your teen carve out time for quiet downtime every night before bed to unwind.

Thinking and Feeling Everything Deeply

You may notice that your teen feels all their emotions deeply from intense sadness to pure joy. They are easily excited or brought to tears over little things and can immerse themselves for hours in their favorite activities. Help your teen find balance by encouraging them to journal or write about their feelings on a regular basis.

Poor Concentration at School

If your teen tends to notice the little details around them, the school environment (or the busy dining room table) can be very overstimulating. When overstimulated, it’s very difficult to concentrate. Giving your teen a quiet space to study and do homework without being rushed can help increase focus.

Changes and Transitions are Stressful

Teens that are more introspective have brains that are wired to pause and reflect, to think about upcoming activities in advance. This means that sudden changes in routine, surprises and transitions, even if positive, may be stressful. Create a weekly routine with consistent and predictable times for meals, homework, bedtime and activities, including one unstructured day for downtime.

Sensitive Shy Introvert Teen Therapy San Francisco

How I Can Help

By providing your teen a safe space to be themselves, we can process the emotions that have been building up and explore the experience of feeling different.

To help your teen express themselves on their own terms and learn to regulate those big emotions and active mind, I combine the use of mindfulness tools, self-compassion practices, art, music and journaling in my sessions.

Your teen will learn tools to calm anxiety and overwhelm, advocate for their needs, feel more confident and more.

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