Therapy for Introverts and Highly Sensitive People in San Francisco, CA

Do you often feel misunderstood for your quiet, shy or deeply emotional nature?

Are you frustrated that you have big plans for yourself, but lack confidence or get too overwhelmed to follow through?

Do you get easily disappointed in relationships and feel guilty when you put yourself first? 

You Are Not Alone.

Together, we can discover what's getting in the way of using your voice, being your best self and having more fulfilling relationships. 

To support you on your journey towards healing, I offer the following services in my downtown San Francisco office:

April Snow, AMFT

I understand the struggles of managing deep emotions and the frustration of being overstimulated. I also know how difficult it is to navigate relationships, especially when we weren't given the tools to do so. Together, we can explore what’s not working, so you and your relationships can begin to thrive again.

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