April Snow, MA, AMFT
Highly Sensitive Person Specialist

Photography by Lauren Selfridge + Tristan Brand

Photography by Lauren Selfridge + Tristan Brand


Feeling Deeply

Being Highly Sensitive can often seem like a burden - it's hard to feel so deeply all the time, it's exhausting noticing all the little details that others can tune out, it can be difficult to make decisions or navigate transitions (even positive ones) and since you crave deep connections, relationships are often unsatisfying or feel empty.  There also never seems to be enough downtime.  

Increase Self-Awareness

By increasing awareness of your sensitivity, implementing self-care strategies and learning to manage the intensity of emotions, together we can reduce the burden of your sensitivity and embrace its many gifts. A Highly Sensitive Person is extremely perceptive, empathetic and conscientious, with great capacity for connection with others.

Start to Thrive Again

As an Introvert and Highly Sensitive Person who specializes in working with Highly Sensitive clients, I understand the struggles of managing deep emotions and the frustration of being easily overstimulated. I would be honored to help you embrace your Sensitive Strengths and learn to thrive again.

Quiet Self-Reflection

When we work together, my top priority is to ensure that you feel safe, supported and heard.    

During our sessions, I will take your lead as to what's important to focus on while occasionally guiding you to deepen your reflection around important topics.  Part of this self-reflection practice can include time for quiet, journaling or art work.  

Using Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

Often I incorporate mindfulness and breathing practices as well, especially at the beginning and end of sessions to help you stay grounded and reduce overstimulation. 

Overall, we will move slowly but deeply through themes such as childhood experiences, relationships, work experiences, life transitions and so forth while looking at self-care and lifestyle practices that may be contributing to overwhelm or anxiety.    


Professional Credential
Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #94455
Supervised by Devona Snook, LMFT #46970

California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)
Master's in Integral Counseling Psychology

California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists, San Francisco & East Bay Chapters

I am a Queer Identified and LGBTQ+ Aware Therapist

pronouns: she/her