Shy Club Teen Group

An after school group for Quiet Teens who have been called Shy, Introverted, or Sensitive. Support to increase self-esteem, gain confidence, set boundaries and learn tools to take better care of yourself. Meets in San Francisco.

Holiday Survival Plan for the Highly Sensitive Person

Do you often dread going home for the holidays or visiting with friends and family because it leaves you feeling exhausted and depleted? While the busyness and high expectations of the holiday season have the potential to be stressful for everyone, Introverts and Highly Sensitive People are especially vulnerable to becoming overwhelmed during this time of year.

9 Ways Introverts Can Embrace High Pressure Situations

Have you ever been on a first date or in an interview when you got so nervous you couldn’t think clearly and stumbled over your words?  It can be pretty frustrating and possibly embarrassing.  You aren’t alone.  Most Introverts and Highly Sensitive People are easily overstimulated so we tend to struggle more in high pressure situations or any time we need to “perform” in front of others.  Unfortunately, when this happens we have even more difficulty expressing ourselves and can become completely overwhelmed.  

How to Survive Airports as a Sensitive Traveler

Does flying leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed?  The crowds, noise, cramped spaces and pressured timelines can make it feel like too much to handle.   Airports are very overstimulating and chaotic in general, but even more difficult for the Highly Sensitive or Introverted traveler who is hyper-aware to their surroundings and more attuned to sensory input.

Three Simple Practices to Ease Overstimulation at Work

Do you struggle to concentrate at work, feel overwhelmed by what’s expected of you or leave feeling exhausted? Let’s face it, Introverts and Highly Sensitive People often find work to be overwhelming and exhausting.  Below are three simple practices to help you cope as an Introvert or Highly Sensitive Person at work.