Sensitive Circles Group

Sensitive Circles Group San Francisco

Whether you are just discovering your Highly Sensitive nature or have known for some time, this group will provide an opportunity to help you understand and embrace your temperament.

Each month a different theme such as self-compassion or stress management will be explored through the use of mindfulness tools, personal reflection and open dialogue. You choose what group sessions you want to attend based on your availability and interest in the theme for that month. 

In a world where being sensitive is seen as a weakness, allow this group to provide a safe haven to be yourself, discover your Sensitive Strengths and connect with others who feel the world as deeply as you. 

Upcoming Circles and Themes  

Tuesday 9/12 from 6-7:30pm: Introduction to High Sensitivity  

Group Size 

To ensure a safe space to share openly and build connection, group size will be limited to six members. 


Flood Building
870 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102


$75 per session: Due to limited space, advance payment is required to attend. 

Space is limited. Save your spot! 

Come experience the joy of being surrounded by other Highly Sensitive People. To sign-up, you can fill out the form below or email 

Group Facilitated by April Snow, MA, MFTI 

As an Introvert and Highly Sensitive Person who specializes in working with Highly Sensitive clients, I understand what it is like to experience the world differently while managing deep emotions. Together, we can explore the impact of being a Highly Sensitive Person, so you can begin to thrive again. 


Contact me for a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if this group is a good fit for you.

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