Highly Sensitive Person Groups & Workshops

 Highly Sensitive Person Shy Introvert Support Groups and Community in San Francisco

For Those Who Feel Deeply and Are Easily Overwhelmed

Groups can be a helpful alternative or addition to individual therapy, as a way to gain support in community and learn coping skills. Groups typically consist of about 4-6 people and meet once per week for 90 minutes. 

At this time, I offer the following groups and workshops:

Sensitive Circles

  • Open Group 
  • Meets Monthly 
  • Various Themes

HSP Self-Exploration

  • Closed Group 
  • Meets Weekly 
  • Offered Seasonally

Shy Club: Teens

  • Closed Group 
  • Meets Weekly 
  • Offered Seasonally

Contact me for a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if these groups are a good fit.

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